Welcome to Blansko!

Welcome to a modern town set in the heart of beautiful countryside, to a town that is often referred to as the gateway to the Moravian Karst thanks to its unique location in the vicinity of unique karst formations – the Macocha Abyss and the Punkva Caves, which offer a romantic boat ride on the subterranean River Punkva. The town is surrounded by picturesque countryside interwoven with a network of hiking and cycling paths.

Few tourist localities in the Czech Republic offer such a unique combination of historical, cultural and industrial monuments, and such an abundance of sites of natural interest such as the Blansko region and the Moravian Karst.

Blansko lies in the north of South Moravia at an average altitude of 275 metres, on the boundary between the Drahany Highlands and the Highlands of Bohemia and Moravia. It currently has a population of around 21,000. Blansko is renowned as a town of ironworks and cast iron, and as a centre of culture, sport and history. Blansko is an industrial town, specialising in the production of hydraulic turbines, grey cast iron, electrical measuring instruments and equipment for the printing industry In recent years, gradual renovation of town attractions has been underway. The Blansko castle gained new facades and courtyard, wooden church boasts a brand new thatched sheathing and a look-out point was bulit in the church tower of St. Martin´s Church.

Blansko itself is a modern town with an interesting history, with a diverse cultural life, perfect sports facilities for all kinds of recreational sports, and (perhaps most importantly) a well-developed tourism infrastructure that makes it an ideal destination for a holiday or a family day-out.

So why not accept our invitation and come and visit our town!